Sony mini DVD Handy cam
- Sony DCR DVD 605, 605E, 610E
- Batteries, AC & Flight case


JVC HARD DISK Hi-Definition Camcorder
- JVC GZ-HD5 60GB hard drive rec'
- Batteries, AC; AV + HDMI out


Full HD Camcorder SD-Card record
- Panasonic HDC-MDH1 True High-Definition Kit
- Batteries, AC, Pelican Flight case, SD-CARD rec'


Panasonic Mini DV Handy Cam
- Batteries, AC & Flight case


Professional 3 Chip Camera
- Ikigami, head only,
- or with SVHS Backpack


Canon XLI Mini DV 3 Chip Pro Camera Kit


Vision Mixer
- Korg Koss 4 vision mixer


Vision Mixer
- Edirol V4 vision mixer


Vision Mixer
- Vidionics MX1 4 way vision mixer


Communication Headsets (each)
- Beyer professional wired


Manfrotto pro fluid head tripod



Manfrotto metal tripod



Kramer VP 724 DFS Scaler / Smart Fade / Switcher

The VP-724 is a true multi standard, video to RGBHV scaler, which converts any video format, VGA signals through UXGA and DVI signals to any output pixel rate. This scaler provides fade-through switching between inputs and includes a picture-in-picture inserter.


Red Heads (Floodlights)


Philips DVD Recorder DVR3460


UPS uninterrupted power supply unit


Quadlights Dimmable Fluo for Video




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