Luminaries/Dimmers - Rigging

These are the basic fittings used by AVS. There are too many others in our stock to list them all here.




Zoom Spots


Floods (Red Heads)


PC (1200W)


Parcans (1000W Par 64)


Fresnels (500W)


LED Parcans


Robo scan


Moving Head Programmable Lights (575W or 675W)


Martin Lightjockey Laptop Control


Elation Pro DMX lighting controller


Theatrelight 12 ch DMX dimmer/desk


Quadlights Dimmable Fluo for Video



Dimmers & FX



Single fade dimmer (1ch)


Twin Fade Dimmer (2 CH)


3 phase dimmer with 12/24 desk
- Theaterlight DMX


3 phase distribution



3 phase extension lead



3 phase tails




P R E S E N T A T I O N     P R O D U C T I O N     R E N T A L

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