Hi-res Data - Slide-OHP

At AVS we use only the latest, highest scanning projectors. This means that you will never choose the wrong device based on cheaper, older technology.

Hi-res Computer Data Projectors



UXGA Ultra Portable Basic Data / Video Projector
1 PC & 1 Video input (up to 3000 ANSI)


Panasonic HDMI & VGA Show Projector (5000 ANSI Lumens)


Sony FX52 Data/Video Projector (6000 ANSI) will also take short & long throw lens kits


Sony Short Throw Lens (focus fixed) VPLL-FM21


Sony Long Throw Lens (focus zoom)


Computer Interfacing & Distribution



Kramer VP 724 DFS Scaler / Smart Fade / Switcher

The VP-724 is a true multi standard, video to RGBHV scaler, which converts any video format, VGA signals through UXGA and DVI signals to any output pixel rate. This scaler provides fade-through switching between inputs and includes a picture-in-picture inserter.


VGA to Video downscalier


Scan Doubler / 4 Input RGB Switcher


8 Input RGB Switcher (System8)


Interface Kit (Hi Res)


Cordless Mouse (RF)



RGB Distributor Amplifier


Roof Mount Kits


Wired Remote Switching Kit



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