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PC Powered audio speaker
- Minijack inputs, ideal for laptop or mp3 players.



1000 Watt Powered Speaker, mono.
- Up to 2 inputs, amps built in.



150 Watt Speaker Per Side (6 ch)
- Amp's & mixer in one unit, 1 x wired SM58 mic' included
- Small to medium public address with all stands and cable


300 Watt Speaker Per Side (8 ch)
- Amp's & mixer in one unit, all stands and cable
- Medium to large public address
- Better bass response party system


500 Watt Per Side Foldback Wedges JBL SR4702X
- per pair
- QSC PLX amps
- Perfect vocal foldback



2500 Watt Speakers Per Side JBL SRX-F (pair)
- QSC PLX 2402 Amp's
- Big room PA for when you need power and presance


SR4733-x JBL

JBL VRX Line Array Sound System (Pair)
- Various Mixing Desks
- Please Note: Mid tops only, additional subs are required


JBL Line Arrays

Drivers/Crossovers/Amp Combo's



600 Watt JBL Mpro 418 Self Powered 18" Sub
- With amps built in. Just Plug-n-Play. (single speaker)



JBL Mpro 418.jpg

3500 Watt JBL SRX 18" Concert Sub's (pair)
- Cross-over & QSC 3402 Amp's



"AVS uses only QSC PLX series Hi-end amps"

PLX Amps   

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